Book Review - Across an Angry Sea: The SAS in the Falklands War

The Small Wars Journal recently published my review of Cedric Delves's Across an Angry Sea: The SAS in the Falklands War (London: Hurst & Company, 2018). Here’s a link: This is a great memoir about D Squadron’s contributions during the conflict. I started the book knowing virtually nothing about the war and ended with a strong understanding of challenges at the tactical and operational levels. This reading venture was the beginning of what would later be a thorough analysis of the Falkland Islands Campaign, an end-of-course project for one of my classes this semester. Found lots of great material, especially Argentina’s declassified findings published only a few years ago. Detailed snippets and insights among the sworn statements, in Spanish, of course.

While I stand behind Pink Floyd’s The Wall as the best album related to war/conflict—and one of the best albums of all time—there are a lot of songs and albums about conflict. I still listen to The Wall daily, especially some more recent, live recordings, but another song I frequently played when I was younger was Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits). I never realized that song was about the Falkland Islands War of 1982.

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