Matthew A. Hughes

Behind the Words

Matthew Hughes is a Military Intelligence Officer and Foreign Area Officer in the United States Army. He graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY, where he studied Arabic, Spanish, and terrorism. His subsequent graduate studies focused on policy and intelligence studies. Matthew’s military service ranges from leading linguists in intelligence collection and targeting efforts in Afghanistan to liaising with partner nations in Eastern Europe and Latin America. He has published and lectured on terrorist tactics and multiple intelligence disciplines. Matthew has received professional and academic accolades for his numerous contributions to the intelligence field, especially for his original predictive analysis regarding lone wolf terrorism and refinement of Army doctrine. He and his wife and children share a passion for foreign languages and cultures, having hosted foreign exchange students and military officers from around the world. Matthew has leveraged foreign language abilities to translate for refugees, preach the Gospel on four continents, and strengthen international partnerships through his capacities in international diplomacy. He has interviewed survivors and witnesses of terrorist attacks in Spanish and Portuguese. Matthew is a native of Clinton, Connecticut. He converted to the LDS Church in his youth and served as a full-time missionary in Santiago, Chile.

Academic and Professional Credentials:

Johns Hopkins University SAIS          2021          Master of International Public Policy

American Military University              2016          Master of Arts in Intelligence Studies

United States Military Academy        2011          Bachelor of Science in Arabic & Spanish; Terrorism Studies Minor